Register of Professionals Trained in NMT - Romania
The NeuroMuscular Taping (NMT) register is a complete list of professionals trained in official NMT courses in the many countries offering certified training. NeuroMuscular Taping®️ is a registered trademark linked to codified procedures which are authorised through a training and certification process. Only professionals trained in official courses, given by qualified teachers, can be certified. This process guarantees their results and their high level of therapeutic competency achieved through correctly applying NeuroMuscular Taping methodology. Trained health professionals cover:
- Doctors
- Physiotherapists
⁃ Nurses
- Speech therapists and Language Pathologists
⁃ Occupational therapists
⁃ Pediatric specialised Therapists
⁃ Podiatrists
- Physical Educators
- Massage Therapists
- Lymphatic Drainage Specialists
- Other health figures
⁃ University students during their health discipline studies
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 Name  Last Name  Profession   NMT Training    City  Certification
 Adina-alexandra  Albu  Physiotherapist NMT Fisioterapia e Riabilitazione    Gornet - PH
 NMTC:110/23/STP/ROM - 16/02/23
 Minodora  Bartha  Pediatric Therapist NMT Fisioterapia e Riabilitazione    Bucharest - BU
 NMTC:101/23/STP/ROM - 16/02/23
 Elena  Dagan  Physiotherapist NMT Fisioterapia e Riabilitazione    Bucharest - BU
 NMTC:108/23/STP/ROM - 16/02/23
 Alina-nicoleta  Filos  Phisiotherapist NMT Fisioterapia e Riabilitazione    Bucharest - BU
 NMTC:102/23/STP/ROM - 16/02/23
 Carmen  Grigorescu  Speech Therapist And Clinical Psychologist NMT Fisioterapia e Riabilitazione    Bucharest - RO
 NMTC:109/23/STP/ROM - 16/02/23
 Sirbu  Imadalin Iulian  Fizioterapeut NMT Fisioterapia e Riabilitazione    Bucharest - XXX
 NMTC:103/23/STP/ROM - 16/02/23
 Daniela Elena  Nistor  Psihopedagog NMT Fisioterapia e Riabilitazione    Năvodari , Constanța - BUCURE
 NMTC:105/23/STP/ROM - 16/02/23
 Ioana Gabriela  Popa  Phisiotherapist NMT Fisioterapia e Riabilitazione    Bucharest - BU
 NMTC:106/23/STP/ROM - 16/02/23
 Ularu  Ramona  Kinetoterapeut NMT Fisioterapia e Riabilitazione    Tg-jiu - GJ
 NMTC:104/23/STP/ROM - 16/02/23
  Dorina  Vaduva  Educatoare NMT Fisioterapia e Riabilitazione    Craiova - BU
 NMTC:107/23/STP/ROM - 16/02/23
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