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Shinta Fithri Hayati Azis
Tel/mobile: 08115095190
Facebook / Linkedin:
NMT Certifications details
NMT Rehabilitation Upper Extremity and Back NMTIC:125/22/AVO/ID 06/02/22
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Address: - - -
Digital Biography
NeuroMuscular® Taping Institute

NeuroMuscular Taping® is a registered trademark linked to a specific and codified treatment procedures made available through specific trainings and certification processes. Only professionals trained in official courses, conducted by qualified teachers, are authorised to practice NMT. Health care professionals trained and qualified in NeuroMuscular Taping can guarantee their high level of therapeutic competence and results.

NeuroMuscular Taping Institute is an activity of SavĂ  srl health services, via Gavinana 2, Rome, ITALY.

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