CONGRESSO DEL BICENTENARIO flebolinfo 2016, Argentina

Buenos Aries, 26-29 May 2016

David Blow and NeuroMuscular Taping Institute is warmly thankful for the invitation to present NMT therapeutic protocols in South America for the first time in the prestigious meeting.

The following was presented during the conference: “NMT – Lymphatic Taping role of decompression treatment protocols to upper limb lymphatic rehabilitation.”

Special thanks goes to Dssa Mabel Bussati and Dr Marcelo Dàndolo, president of the Conference.

Date: 28/05/2016

Code: NMT/ARG/01/16

Name (Name /Surname): David Blow

Tittle: NMT – Lymphatic Taping role of decompression treatment protocols to upper limb lymphatic rehabilitation.

Institute: NMT Institute, Rome

Importance of NMT as a contribution in traumatological, circulatory, neurological, post-surgical and sports rehabilitation


Monday 23 may 2016

NeuroMuscular Taping was presented for the first in Argentina at the prestigious PONTIFICIA UNIVERSIDAD CATOLICA ARGENTINA specifically to the Facultad de Ciencias Medicas in a 2 hour presentation. Clinical applications were covered for the treatment of vascular and lymphatic related pathologies. NMT treatment protocols were outlined as possible future treatment options for surgical, primary and secondary edema lymphatic rehabilitation.
This is the first of a series of future lectures to be done by David Blow in Argentina.
Special thanks to the organizers of the event.

26,27 May, Buenos Aires
The following are images during the first ever lymphatic training course conducted by the NeuroMuscular Taping Institute in Argentina and in South America. The certification course was organized in collaboration with the prestigious Colegio Argentino de Cirugia Venosa y Linfatica (CACVYL).
Best regards to all partecipants, David Blow